Our Favourite Crafted Accessories

Arts and crafts is our favourite thing in the world, and we are amazed at all the things people are creating.

This is why our list of favourite accessories are all crafted and designed specially. Call us on 07949185448 if you wish to see your pieces on here.

Personalised Tote Bags:

The reason these are on our top 10 list is because of how different they are, compared to other tote bags. Click here and design your own.

They are crafted in a way that is special – you have the ability to add a photo and a message, making it perfect for everybody and catered to your every need.

The materials they are created from are strong and durable, which is something that makes crafting worthwhile as well as fun.

Handmade Jewellery:

Jewellery adds a statement to a person – even if you don’t know somebody you almost feel you do when you notice what jewellery they have on.

These crafted gems that we have discovered are ruby red heart earrings – really a stunning piece.

Now, these earrings are definitely unique, but there’s more. There is a touch of vintage with the earrings, it makes an even bigger statement now. See for yourself.

Crafted Box:

How about a keepsake to last a life time? At BHKC, anything unusual, no matter what, we love it. Which means there is no shock as to why we love this handcrafted wooden box so much. Buy now.

As it is made from natural wood, it really does show the craftsmanship that was put behind it. With uses for almost anything, it really is a treat for anybody and it’s even perfect for a gift.

Custom Keys:

This is something that we’ve never seen before, but we fell in love instantly; it’s also perfect for every man out there.

Lilybelle craft stainless steel cover, where you can add the perfect touch to any key. You can write a little message, how about their name?

Add a finishing touch to your keys here.